Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day. A day to be with family & friends; a day to express our gratitude; a day to eat ourselves silly. To all of my family and friends, many of whom I can't be with today, I miss you so much and would love nothing better than if we were all together.

I have so many reasons to be grateful, and it would take forever for me to list them all. Let me just list a few that are on the very top of my list:

I'm thankful for:
A God who loves me, died for me, and saved me.
An awesome husband.
Two incredible children, and son-in-law.
One miraculous grandson.
A beautiful home & plenty of food to eat.
That my mom is not alone at this stage in her life.
My wonderful family, whom I miss so much.
The two most loving families that God brought into my life through marriage.
That God always provides for me, cares for me, and will never forsake me.

May you each have a day that will be filled with the most wonderful blessings, and may you make wonderful new memories that will be forever cherished in your hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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