Nice to Meet You!

I'm Karen, & my husband is Bob. I was originally born in NJ and lived on the Jersey shore until I was 15, when my family moved to Florida. I've got a daughter who is married and has two children; Christian who is 7 and Harper who is 4. My son is 35 but he is my "eternal toddler", as he will always remain a child due to his mental abilities. He is a special-needs person, who was labeled "trainable mentally handicapped" & "developmentally delayed". He is also deaf. I will be sharing more about him in the future.
We live in South Florida, out in what is known as the "western communities". This is one of the few areas left in our county where people have a little land to their name and it's "country". We initially moved out here so I could finally have my horses on my property; a dream come true!  We've had our small farm for 18 years now, and at this time have a flock of chickens, a dog, and 3 cats who live here with us.

My husband asked me why I wanted to put my life out on the web, for all the world to see. My answer is this: I have so much to share. Struggles, trials, blessings; things that I believe I have gone through so that someone else may be able to gain inspiration & hope from. From a child born with a disease that the doctors said would kill him; to divorce; to being a single mom; to finding the love of my life; to dreams coming true; to health issues of my own that sent me into a dark place; and everything in between that has helped my faith to grow and my life to be blessed.

I hope you gain something from my experiences that can help you along YOUR life's journey!

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