The Crew

Meet the Crew!

I am an avid animal lover, and think my world would be so boring without my hairy children! They bring me so much joy, and they're great for entertainment!

Meet Zeus: He is a 4 year old white German Shepherd/yellow Lab mix.  He is one of the most emotionally sensitive dogs I've ever known! If you even look at him like he's in trouble, off he goes to hide under the bench in the kitchen! He is very intelligent, and his most favorite activity in the whole world is playing fetch. He responds to a bevy of commands, and is a great protector dog. He is  also so wonderful with our special needs son Derek, who is not always kind to him. He and Joker have a love/hate relationship, and are even almost the same color! They've had some knockout fist fights, and Joker usually wins. Zeus thinks they're playing, while all the while Joker is trying to knock him out, haha!

Meet Joker: He is a 10 year old flamepoint long hair Siamese, who was found as a kitten at our local animal rescue facility. He a very lovey boy, who loves to beat our dog Zeus up haha! Joker is actually my daughter Brooke's cat; but he "told" her a few years ago that he wanted to live at Grammy and Pop's house. He is definitely a cat who needs people around, and Brooke and her hubby work all day long and he was very lonely. So he lives here at our little farm with us and is very happy here.

Meet Louie: He is 7 years old. I found Louie at my neighbor's house when her formerly feral cat had kittens. I have a weakness for orange kitties, I think they are the best cats ever. I always try to have an orange kitty in the mix of the craziness. I was still missing my last orange cat who had died and I hadn't been able to bring myself to bring another one in, that is until I saw Louie. I named him Louie because I saw him as a scrapper, kind of like one of those tough NY kids that go around saying, "Why I oughta!" Louie has a great personality and loves to be loved on and is a big snuggler. But he can roughhouse with the best of 'em, and when he first started going outside, he was what Bob called "an ecological disaster". Anything that moved didn't have a chance, especially the lizards. There are a lot of lizards here in Florida, and we started noticing that most of the ones around the house must have met Louie because they were mostly without tails! That's not counting the dozens he brought to the back door that were no longer moving. Otherwise known as presents. Nicknames: Doo Doo, Louie-doobie-do, Dewey, Dewey Dude.  He responds to all the names we call him!

We have 11 hens and a rooster named Sarge. Our first rooster was a crazy, psychopathic rooster named Roy, who didn't last too long around here, we took him back to where we got him! All he wanted to do was fight, us that is! Sarge is a Silkie rooster, and he may be small but he takes good care of his girls. And never challenges us, which is wonderful!

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